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We are a private foundation driven by the passionate belief that film can inspire a better world. We believe that film can:

  • Engage communities in timely issues
  • Help teach students about complex topics
  • Bring people together around a common story
  • Spark online and offline conversation

  • Allow us to explore complicated issues and understand how seemingly distant policies affect individuals, families and communities
  • Strengthen social movements
  • Inspire action

We know that the power of documentary film often happens when the lights come up and people can connect with the issues in new ways. How does this happen? This happens with thoughtfully crafted plans designed to move audiences to action. We support our grantees in their efforts to design and execute these plans. The primary way we do this is through grants that support outreach and audience engagement. We also share our knowledge, experience and the lessons we have learned to help them navigate an evolving field and identify resources that can advance their projects.

Our Team
  • Diana Barrett
    Diana Barrett
    Founder and President

    Diana Barrett, President, founded Fledgling in 2005 after a long career at Harvard University, where she taught in both the...

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  • Sheila Leddy
    Sheila Leddy
    Executive Director

    Sheila Leddy, Executive Director, has worked with Fledgling since its founding, playing a key role in developing its overall...

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  • Emily Verellen
    Emily Verellen
    Senior Director of Programs

    Emily Verellen, Senior Director of Programs, joined Fledgling in 2008. Emily provides strategic communications and...

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