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Document Your Classroom Experience

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: So many documentary films are perfect for an enriching classroom experience. Teachers can bring new ideas, perspectives and knowledge into their classrooms through these films.…


Podcast Alert: “Just Getting a Bunch of Likes, or Creating a Hashtag? That’s Not Social Change”

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: This is an excellent read or listen for any of you thinking about how, when and why to think about the social impact of your film or multi-platform media project.  This podcast, “Just Getting a Bunch of Likes, or Creating a Hashtag? That’s Not Social Change” featuring Impact Producer Lina Srivastava and written summary are very much in line with the way that Fledgling thinks about impact.…


Alternet Opportunity

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: I recently chatted with Kali Holloway from AlterNet Presents. We discussed a new opportunity for filmmakers seeking to find new online audiences for their content. They have an incredibly large and engaged audience that is eager for social issue content.…


Welcome to Fledgling’s Impact Commons

Thank you for visiting Fledgling’s Impact Commons – a new space where we will be sharing quick lessons, ideas, challenges, celebrations and impact highlights from the intersection of story and social change.…


Fledgling Announces New Grantees

What better way to kick off a new year than to share with you our new grantees!   We are excited by these stories, their potential to activate audiences and communities,…


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