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TED Embraces the Power Of Story

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: StoryCorps Founder Dave Isay inspired on the TED stage this year by sharing his vision for the future of democratized storytelling.  His TED talk and TED Prize wish are another sign that the intersection of story and impact will continue to expand.  And we love it.…


Netflix Power

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: One of our Lab members just reported to the group news from their recent Netflix launch. Their views continue to rise exponentially – including with a “ton of high school and college kids”. This younger population is also taking to Twitter and Instagram in great numbers to talk about the film.…


Useful Research from Yale Project for Climate Change Communication

Written by, Sheila Leddy: We recently received a question from someone working on climate change, who was interested in any research we might know of on how to frame communication and messaging around that issue for a Catholic audience. Off the top of my head, none came to mind. So I reached out to a friend who referred me to the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.…


Keep It Brief

Written by Emily Verellen Strom: I recently asked a filmmaker “What’s the summary of your film?” The filmmaker (who will remain nameless, but shares a common verbose quality with many other filmmakers I know) then proceeded to give a six-minute (I timed it) synopsis of her film. I then asked her for her elevator pitch version – it shrunk by about two minutes.…


Insurgent Principles

Written by Emily Verellen Strom Another lesson I took away from my recent trip to The Redford Center‘s retreat was about “Insurgent Strategy”, from a talk given by Scott Miller,…


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