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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently revising our funding criteria and application process. The guidelines below will be changing. As of July 12th, we will no longer be accepting rolling applications. (Learn more here.) Check back in early August for more information about our Fall call for projects including deadlines and updated criteria.


Fledgling has an open rolling application process for grants to support outreach and engagement for social issue documentary film projects that have the potential to inspire positive social change around issues that affect the health and well being of the most vulnerable.  It is a highly competitive process.

You can submit a Letter of Inquiry online at any time and will be asked to include a description of the project, its social change goals, project stage, timeline and budget needs.  Typically, film projects have at least a rough cut. We review Letters of Inquiry on a rolling basis and aim to notify you about the status of your submission within 30 days.

Grants typically range from $10K – $25K. We support audience engagement planning and implementation. Support for planning is for building the strategy for outreach and engagement and can be used before a project is complete to prepare for its launch. Grants through this fund are NOT available to support production or post-production.


THE STORY Fledgling sees storytelling as a lever to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. We know that a strong filmmaking vision and a beautifully crafted film are essential. We look for compelling, authentic, important and timely stories that are character driven and/or add a new perspective or new information around the myriad of factors that affect the health and well being of the most vulnerable. We seek projects that have unique power to inspire, educate and mobilize audiences.

STAGE OF PROJECT  We understand that audience engagement planning and implementation can happen at any point in the life of a project. However, before committing funds, we need to understand how the story develops and whether it can carry the project’s outreach and engagement goals. Typically, film projects have at least at a rough cut that we can review.  Given that our grants focus on outreach and engagement, projects should have a clear timeline for completion and launch.

ISSUE AREA  We recognize that many of the most pressing affecting health and well being are multi-faceted and systemic. It is difficult to think about improving public health without considering the impacts of climate change, toxins in our environment, housing, and access to acute, chronic and preventive health care services. Likewise, to empower young girls and provide opportunities for women to lead healthy and productive lives, we must consider education, reproductive health, economic justice and the impact of sexual and domestic violence.  Given this complexity, we seek stories around a range of issues, but give priority to projects that focus on those factors that impact the health and well being of the most vulnerable.

PROPOSAL STRENGTH  We do not expect applicants to have a fully developed audience engagement strategy. In fact, applicants may request funds to do just that. However, we are looking for proposals that demonstrate a commitment to social change, have clear and realistic goals, have a plan for distribution, recognize the need for partners, and identify some ideas for how the project can contribute to social change around important issues.

BUDGET  In considering applications for outreach and engagement, we look at the budget for both the impact work as well as the film’s production.  If a film is not complete, we need to understand the timeline and the budget gap for completing the film as well as the role of our funds in the planning and launch of the impact work.


The online application is open to projects that have not previously received support from Fledgling as well as current grantees. We welcome applicants and projects from both inside and outside of the United States. However, before receiving a grant, all applicants must have a fiscal sponsor based in the United States. This does NOT need to be in place for you to submit the application, but it must be in place for the funds to be disbursed.