Funding Partners

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Our funding partnerships take many forms. They are dynamic and based on mutual goals. If you are interested in how we partner or why you might consider funding social issue documentary film, click here to contact Diana Barrett and learn more. Partnerships allow us to:

    • Maximize financial resources
    • Leverage expertise
    • Share lessons

    • Learn from others
    • Increase our community
    • Advance the work of our grantees and the field

Connecting Film
to Regional Programs

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation uses film to advance its mission.

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, an Atlanta-based private foundation, awarded a $50K grant to Fledgling to support film outreach and audience engagement activities that advance knowledge and spur action around the Blank Foundation's program interests. In 2012, this partnership supported three Fledgling projects - Cafeteria Man, American Promise and Inocente - all of which align with the Blank Foundation's interest in youth. It has also allowed each project to plan local Atlanta initiatives that deepen engagement around each film, and help advance the work of the Blank Foundation and its local partners in Atlanta.

Fledgling's Work

The Ford Foundation supports our outreach and audience engagement work.

In 2012, the Ford Foundation awarded us a $125K grant to support both our film and field building grant programs. This funding allows us to continue to enhance the field building work we do that is focused on building the capacity of filmmakers to design and implement strategic audience engagement campaigns. It also has allowed us to increase the number of early planning grants that we provide.

Leveraging Fledgling’s Infrastructure

An anonymous foundation expands its support for social issue documentaries.

In 2012, we began a partnership with a foundation which supports a broad range of initiatives that bring people closer together and empower human potential. Its founder was interested in using film to further this mission. With our expertise in social issue documentary film, this foundation has been able to identify and support several projects that meet its social change goals, including Brooklyn Castle, Bidder 70, Bitter Seeds,The Invisible War, and others. The partnership has allowed this foundation to enter the documentary film field without increasing its infrastructure, support powerful stories and campaigns that address its funding priorities, track the impact of those films and to remain publicly anonymous.