Fledgling Fund Papers

We continually learn from our grantees, partners, and others in the field. This informs how we think about the role of storytelling and film in advancing change. We share these insights in our papers.

We track the impact that our projects have had on their communities and the world. To understand how we view impact, please read our 2008 working paper, Assessing Creative Media's Social Impact.

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We understand that distribution, outreach and strategic communications are critical components in a film’s ability to create social change.  However, they are not the same as audience engagement. To understand how we view impact, please read our working paper, Understanding Distribution, Outreach/Strategic Communications and Audience Engagement.

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Fledgling Response to Impact Measurement Debate

In this 2014 letter, we respond to the lively debate within the social issue documentary field about how, when and if to measure the social impact of film.

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Case Studies

Our grantees achieve impact in many different ways. They each have a different formula for success and wisdom to share with the field.

The Escape Fire team developed a unique approach to engage physician and other health care providers through partnerships with American Academy of Family Physicians and

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The Lioness campaign strategy was centered around several challenges that women soldiers and veterans faced in 2008 that had serious consequences on both human and institutional levels.

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The Out in the Silence campaign has become a valuable tool for national and grassroots organizations and has helped to mobilize and re-energize coalitions, initiatives and relationship building.

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sin by silence case study

Even before crafting the campaign strategy for Sin By Silence, the filmmaking team developed one crucial objective – inspire audiences to DO Something!

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Provider Directory

The Provider Directory is a working list of people and organizations that work in the field of outreach and audience engagement

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Video Resources

These videos highlight our mission and work. They are easy to share and show the power of documentary film to inspire social change. The Impact Series was co-produced with Working Films.