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Fledgling is a small private foundation founded by Diana Barrett and guided by her vision that film and other creative media projects can educate, engage and mobilize us around entrenched and complex social issues that affect the most vulnerable. And, with the right support, at the right time, these visual stories can contribute to social change in important and unique ways. From the beginning, Fledgling has been focused on impact–the social impact of the projects we support and our impact on the field. What does that mean? It means choosing projects that are focused on issues affecting vulnerable populations that are poised for action. It means providing financial and in-kind support for projects at critical points. It means mentoring, sharing knowledge, and helping to build community among our grantees and their stakeholders. It means thinking about how we can help bridge gaps in the field. It means taking risks when needed. It means being committed to understanding the how and why and to sharing what we learn with our grantees and others interested in the intersection of storytelling and social change.

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